Umbra – Architectural Canopy and Blade System

Umbra System

Incorporate bold design, form, function and sustainability into modern building facades with the latest innovation, UMBRA Architectural Shadings. This lightweight, fully engineered, monolithic canopy or blade system transforms shading for windows and doors by reducing glare and solar heat gain to maximise thermal performance.

Developed specifically to meet Australian conditions, UMBRA is a complete system that provides architects and designers with a new opportunity to express themselves through practice, to create architectural shadings that can be designed to any custom shape or size and finished with a render in any colour or texture. Easy to install, UMBRA is versatile and compatible with various substrates including MasterWall NSW’s external finishing systems – MasterWall and K-Series – as well as brick, weatherboard, plaster and other composite materials.

UMBRA’s weather-tight detailing provides a distinctive surround for windows and doors. It transforms the building envelope from a passive to an active function that helps achieve energy ratings excellence. By reducing the effects of solar heat gain, UMBRA minimises direct glare to increase thermal comfort while providing savings in energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

UMBRA carries nationwide technical support that provides valuable assistance at both the design and building stages.

For more information, download the Umbra Product brochure below.