System Overview

Skyline features an advanced waterproof membrane with a renderable facing able to withstand harsh Australian conditions. Skyline has surpassed compliancy for external waterproofing systems referenced by the Australian Standard AS4654.1, AS4654.2 and AS1145.1.

Seamlessly applied over MasterWall and K-Series panels, fibre cement sheeting, timber fixing plates and masonry substrates, Skyline provides architects and designers the opportunity to create a continuous, monolithic finish on parapets and balcony heads with no ugly metal capping visible at the skyline of the building.

Skyline also creates stain-free walls due to the sloped head design of the system.

For more information including a summary of performance and product details, download the Skyline brochure.

Skyline System Diagram - Skyline Over MasterWall System

No more unsightly metal capping!

Skyline System is an architectural concealed waterproofing detail for use on parapet designs, featuring clean, uninterrupted lines. The Skyline System is concealed by the applied render finish and eliminates the need for unsightly pressed metal cappings.

The Skyline System membrane is a pressure sensitive self-adhesive butyl tape, 0.75mm in thickness, containing a non-woven polyester fibre face, ready for the application of high polymer render.  Able to withstand building movement, it has 35% elongation breaking limit and is serviceable from -10˚ to 100˚ celsius