System Overview

Powered by Kooltherm® panels, K-Series has been specifically formulated for the Australian market to deliver an unbeatable thermal performance for commercial and residential projects requiring a super-high performance architectural finish. With almost twice the thermal value of polystyrene panels, no other product can achieve better performance with equivalent wall cladding thicknesses. Applied direct-to-frame or to a masonry or concrete substrate, K-Series is equally suitable as a retrofit solution to transform the aesthetic value and performance of an existing building.

K-Series has passed rigorous testing to achieve CodeMark Accreditation, a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 and a Cyclonic C4 Rating.

For more information including a summary of performance and product details, download a copy of the K-Series brochure here.

K-Series Framed Construction

K-Series Masonry Construction

K-Series sets a new benchmark for external wall insulation

K-Series powered by Kooltherm® phenolic panels from Kingspan Insulation, has almost twice the thermal value of polystyrene panels with a similar thickness. In other words, a thinner cladding that achieves better insulation. For example, installing just 50mm of the K-Series System to the outside of an uninsulated brick building, will increase the thermal performance well over five times its original value, whilst at the same time allowing architects and designers to decrease the effective carbon footprint of the building.

K-Series Kooltherm Panel Versus Other Materials

Condensation Risk and RT Thermal Analysis

MasterWall NSW can provide a Condensation Risk Analysis and Total Wall System (RT) Thermal Analysis of your proposed design. To obtain a free wall analysis, contact us here.